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The Racing and Sports' Stallion databases trace back stallions' progeny for Australian and New Zealand.

A detailed Season by Season analyses Stallion Records has been made available featuring;

      - Stakes winners to runners analysis
      - Black Type analysis
      - Analysis of Stallion crops season by season
      - Full stallion analysis by age of runners
      - Course strike rates for stallions
      - State of Track analysis for stallions
      - Leading progeny of each stallion
      - Best strike rate trainers with stallion progeny
      - Most winners for each stallion
      - Full Stakes race analysis

The Data Search service is provided for your personal use only and must not be re-used for commercial purposes without the express consent of Racing and Sports.

Racing and Sports does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. While every effort has been made to ensure the data is correct at the time of publishing, Racing and Sports in no way endorses commercial decisions based upon it alone. You must check/confirm with an alternative independent source.

1. For Career Purposes sire data might be incomplete. (Commence 1/8/2002)
2. Some details of horses who have raced overseas maybe incomplete
3. Details of riders and trainers outside of Australia and New Zealand are not included

We would appreciate any feedback on the errors or omissions you may find. Email to

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